About Us

At Kadabra, we believe in a world of abundance. A world where you shouldn’t have to choose between great taste and great health. Where it’s still possible to enjoy your favorite snacks from childhood. That’s why we’re committed to making magic. Like the phrase “abracadabra,” Kadabra Foods means that anything is possible.

Celebrating Diversity

We believe that what makes us unique has the ability to bring us together. That’s why we celebrate diversity and equality in every aspect of our company including:  ownership, values and product offerings. Stay tuned for some incredible cookie creations that you’ve never tasted before and will absolutely love.

Committed To Clean Ingredients

Just because a product says it’s keto, doesn’t always mean it’s good for you. In fact, many keto products on the market today are filled junk and processed foods.

As keto-heads ourselves, we’re committed to making only clean keto products made with all-natural ingredients. We have a rule, if we won’t feed it to our kids, we won’t feed it to you.

More Than a Cookie

Sure, it looks and tastes like a cookie, but you’re getting so much more. When you bite into a Kadabra cookie, you’re getting high-quality super food to fuel your day. Packed with almonds, yummy butter and coconut oil these cookies will set you up to win the day.

So come and take this journey with us. Let’s make magic together.